About Us

As a professional mechanical engineer with 40 years of experience in the field, John McLay is one of seven experts in the world qualified to provide this level of training.


As a professional mechanical engineer I have had the opportunity to plan, organize and manage the execution of maintenance engineering packages. With my background I can also analyze packages that I have received, when working for the contractor, for mistakes or constructability problems which has saved owners countless hours and greatly reduced budget expenses. I have completed over 200 engineering packages in my time. I also have 2 ½ years of experience as the engineering manager several projects totalling over a billion dollars.

Quality Assurance

This is my specialty and I carry international qualifications to do this work. It includes the quality control of building to drawings and specifications, inspection, repair procedure, receive, accept and control procured material, productivity tracking, government and code legislation and as-built turnover documentation. It involves me with every aspect of the shutdown and it is where I have my greatest impact.

Other areas of expertise:

  • Turnaround supervision
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Administration
  • Planning and scheduling
  • HSE and security

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

JMC Consulting Ltd. is a proud member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

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