Agrium Vault, Vanscoy, Sask – January 2014

Posted on January 25th, 2014

Agrium Vault, Vanscoy, Sask - Jan 2014

Overall Course Rating 4.40 /5

Instructor Rating 4.93 /5


Course Recommendation

100% YES All participating students recommended the course


Participant Comments

Mr. Peter Vara
  1. Very well done training seminar and enjoyed the learning experience gained from the course.
  2. What I liked most about the seminar was the knowledge passed on by the instructor in easy flowing and story telling fashion.
Mr. Mike Murphy
  1. John’s knowledge and experience really make the course stand out.
  2. His stories and practical examples help bring everything together.
  3. I like the concept of putting up family pictures on the site bulletin boards to remind us why we do this work and who we are going home to.
Ms. Correne Bredin
  1. The instructor has a lot of knowledge and experiences to share which makes the material easier to visualize and relate to.
  2. I like the statement that “Turnarounds are about people.”
  3. I believe the instructor has more knowledge to share and look forward to him consulting for us as we prepare for our 90 day outage in 2014.
Mr. Louis Curcio
  1. John knows Turnarounds like the back of his hand.
  2. I like the slides that show the actual worker wrench time efficiency.
Mr. Ryan Spencer
  1. In enjoyed the interaction between the class and the instructor.
  2. I would like to hear more examples of what not to do during a shutdown.
Mr. Jamie Sapara
  1. A very good overview of turnaround management resulting in lots of good ideas for changes we can make to improve our organization.
  2. I am looking forward to reading the technical manual, “Practical Management for Plant Turnarounds.”