JMC Consulting and IPE (Alberta) Meet With Students In SK

Posted By: on September 24th, 2014

Ed Hnytka, Alberta Area Director for the Institute of Power Engineers (IPE), and John McLay, IPE – Edmonton Branch Executive Member travelled to Saskatoon recently to talk with the 1st and 2nd year Power Engineering students about the IPE and the many benefits that membership in the organization can offer.

The IPE, a National organization composed of Power Engineers and those working in surrounding fields, is the network that connects Power Engineers from across the country and is the leading advocate for the field. Their efforts, which include working with schools and government-sponsored organizations on forming curriculum, exams and materials, impact the future of the entire Power Engineer industry.


Ed Hnytka talking to 1st and 2nd year Power Engineering students in Saskatoon (2)

Ed Hnytka talking to 1st and 2nd year Power Engineering students in Saskatoon

Membership in the IPE is a privilege that allows professionals to connect with their peers, create relationships with others in different areas, share best practices, and influence the development of the entire industry.

Mr. Hnytka’s presentation was well received, with several students completing their membership applications on the spot and expressing interest in starting a student chapter, an initiative that has been done in other college locations across Canada. The classroom presentation was followed up by discussions at the College and at the meeting located at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel, downtown Saskatoon.

John McLay, PE (First), and internationally recognized expert on Shutdown, Turnarounds and Outage Management, facilitated this discussion leading with the statement: “I started where you are now sitting.”

He informed the students that the Canadian Plant Operations Power Engineering training program is world-renowned, and that their certificates are recognized worldwide. Power Engineering can be used as a stepping-stone for both local and international assignments, as a contractor or an Original Eq To learn more about the Institute for Power Engineers, visit their website at

To inquire about engaging John McLay for your speaking or teaching opportunity, contact us today.


Lakeland College receives JMC Consulting Ltd donation

Posted By: on February 4th, 2014

Lakeland College is located in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada.

Steam Chief Engineer, Greg Shaley, received the three technical manuals, “Practical Management for Plant Turnarounds,” donated by John McLay, P. Eng., R.E.T., PE (First) on behalf of JMC Consulting Ltd, for their Power Engineering program. John McLay does both STO/TAR training, “MasterClass: Shutdowns & Turnarounds,” and consulting in the region.

Mr. Shaley then provided Mr. McLay with an extended tour of the present Power Engineering lab facility as well as the P&ID of the Power Engineering and Process lab facility which is under currently construction. The purpose of this combined facility will be to provide a state of the art hands on training to PE students requiring steam time.

In the past, accessing practical steam time has been the biggest challenge for correspondence and part-time persons who are taking their 4th Class Power Engineering courses. Lakeland College now provides a program, acceptable to the Alberta Boilers Branch, of 200 practical hours over a five week period. Contact Lakeland College Power Engineering Department for more particulars.

PMTP and JMC Consulting Inc. are excited to be a part of Alberta’s vibrant technical learning community. For more information about this donation and all other community engagement projects, please contact our Sales and Marketing Department.  

John McLay presents Greg Shaley with three copies of the "Practical Management for Plant Turnarounds"

John McLay presents Greg Shaley with three copies of the “Practical Management for Plant Turnarounds”