CNRL Fort McMurray – January 2014

Posted on January 19th, 2014

CNRL Class of 2014 (1)

Overall Course Rating 4.53 /5

Instructor Rating 4.76 /5

Course Recommendation

100% YES All participating students recommended the course


Participant Comments

Mr. Jeff White
  1. Good Job John – I received very positive feedback during the 3 day course
  2. The course is very informative
Mr. Farooq Azam
  1. This seminar is an excellent presentation
  2. The instructor has excellent knowledge
  3. I recommend this course
Mr. Dale Cartier
  1. The instructor was well prepared with good knowledge and shares it well
  2. I liked the seminar interaction
  3. The seminar presentation is a realization of what really happens
  4. The best slides are the ones on critical path management
  5. This is an excellent course with enough breaks to clear the head
Ms. Lauren Florinski
  1. This is an excellent seminar and I wish it was longer thank you for sharing your expertise
Mr. David Ryan
  1. This is a great job
  2. I believe this seminar will help me further my career and give me some tools to apply everyday
  3. The stories made the course easy to interpret.
Mr. Adam MacKinnon
  1. I am new to the Turnaround Business and this information is exactly what I need.
  2. Fantastic information and well laid out
  3. Instructor has thorough knowledge about all aspects of the T/A.