Edmonton, AB – December 2013

Posted on December 14th, 2013

Class of 2013 Edmonton AB Canada (1)


Overall Course Rating 4.54 /5

Course Rating 4.44 /5 (not including instructor)

Instructor Rating 5 /5

Course Recommendation

100% YES All participating students recommended the course


Participant Comments

Kirk Fossheim – Lead Gas Plant Operator – Edson – Talisman Energy

1. The interaction between the owners/operators and the contractors allowed for balanced discussions and exchange of “best practices” and shortcomings that one side sees that may be overlooked by the other group.

John Woodman & Steven Brightey – Business Development and Operations Superintendent – United Safety Ltd.
  1. The practical day to day stories and case studies gave me insight into my client’s world.
  2. The technical manual is well written and easy to understand
  3. The presentation was very professional and the instructor was very knowledgeable
  4. The manner in which John explained all points & his enthusiasm was infectious along with the network possibilities
John Iwanyshyn – Maintenance Coordinator – UMICORE
  1. Lots of ideas from different types of plants and a good mix of owners and contractors
  2. Post completed flip charts on the wall so people can copy them
Trevor Desrosiers – Ops & Plant Maintenance Foreman – Edson – Talisman Energy
  1. Very detailed explanation of a topic that is not well understood or trained to in the past
  2. Increase the group size to include more people from different plants
  3. The best slide is the front cover of the technical manual with everyone around the table
Larry George – Superintendent and Business Development – Bruce Steel Erectors
  1. I liked the open discussion, class participation and the presentation
  2. To improve the course is to do in class of development of more support plans
  3. The slide I liked the best was the support plans
Gordon Canning – Quality Assurance Manager (Canada) – KBR
  1. Class participation was excellent with good interaction and networking
  2. The instructor was knowledgeable with a solid technical manual for planning an outage
  3. Good examples with an excellent checklist
  4. Strong Management Philosophy with a strong focus on advanced planning.
Robin Campeau – STO Coordinator – Horton CBI
  1. The interaction between owner and contractor was very beneficial.
  2. Favourite slide was the “wrench time efficiency:



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Class of 2013 Edmonton AB Canada (5) Class of 2013 Edmonton AB Canada (8)
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Class of 2013 Edmonton AB Canada (2) Class of 2013 Edmonton AB Canada (1)


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