Edmonton – December 2012

Posted on May 21st, 2013


Course Rating 4.4 /5

Instructor Rating 4.8 /5

Participant Comments

Gerry Rundle: Turnaround Manager: Statoil
  1. The presentation flowed and made sense
  2. I like the manual and plan on wearing it out
  3. Learned a lot from the other people in the class: great bunch of guys
  4. The instructor is very knowledgeable with lots of good examples and suggestions
  5. The worksheets help reinforce the material being presented
Ted Gibson: General Manager: United Safety
  1. This is an excellent course with good flow, reference manual, and practical work sheets.
  2. The instructor is very knowledgeable with a strong practical background.
  3. Best Practice: How to develop master checklists for both the client and the contractor with an excellent field handout example that we can readily apply
Kevin Pare: Operations: Cenovus
  1. Very knowledgeable presentation and an easy to read manual
  2. The class participation is very much involved
  3. Lots of real life lessons
Vaqar Ali: TAR Engineer: BP Azerbaijan
  1. This is an excellent course and I found ways to improve our system
Nathan Bond: International/National Site Manager: United Safety
  1. Contractor management milestones was my most like exercise
  2. Understanding all of the requirements before work can be done
  3. Really enjoyed the course
Perry Fox: Turnaround Manager: Cenovus: Foster Creek
  1. The instructor “Knows the Business”
  2. The manual is very easy to understand and use
  3. The very active class participation allowed for very interactive opportunities and really stimulated me for my up and coming turnaround
Meritt Shank: Industrial Operations Manager: United Safety
  1. This seminar course is highly recommended for the owner/operator as well as the service provider
  2. This seminar had both groups present and with a very active class participation and gave us a perspective of the other sides view as we worked through the various topics
Roger Bruneau: Field Manager: Bruce Steel Erectors
  1. Answers many questions about where and when to get information
  2. Class participation was excellent
  3. The manual is a great course study guide
Matt Harris: Inspection Lead: MTL Inspection Group
  1. The presentation keeps participants engaged
  2. The instructor uses practical examples and real life experiences to assist understanding
  3. Open class room discussions with participation of attendees strongly encouraged
Shawn Hynes: Turnaround Manager: Cenovus: Christina Lake
  1. The presentation is very well organized with lots of important information
  2. The class was diverse allowing for great discussions and questions
  3. The instructor is very experienced with an excellent background.