JMC Consulting Ltd. Completes Readiness Review with Talisman Energy Inc.

Posted on July 18th, 2014

From July 7th to 11th, John McLay, President of JMC Consulting Ltd, worked with the Talisman Energy Inc. (Edson Gas Plant) Turnaround Team to complete a Turnaround Readiness Review Audit. This was a very positive experience and it was exciting to see how the six persons, who had all recently attended the “MasterClass: Shutdowns & Turnarounds” training seminar, implemented the learned material.

Mr. McLay explains that many of the concepts learned in class had been initiated. He remarked that “the most common feedback was “I wish I had more time as I would like to do more.” This is not an uncommon statement in that, once the efficiency ball is rolling, it is hard to stop. To maintain perspective, I asked if the planning was as good as 2009 and the answer was “we are already way ahead of 2009.” So as not to jinx the budget and schedule my only remark is that the Turnaround Manager feels very highly confident in both respects.”

As with all readiness reviews there are areas that are challenged. This team, having 8 weeks before feed out and given their present teamwork capability ,will undoubtedly mitigate or reduce the challenge impacts. JMC Consulting Ltd. wishes them the best of luck and are happy that both the training and the audit have proven to be instrumental in providing the TAR readiness perspective.