Saudi Arabia – February 2013

Posted on May 21st, 2013


Overall Course Rating 4.85 /5

Instructor Rating 5 /5

Participant Comments

Raed Alibrahim/ Electrical Planning Engineer – SAFCO
  1. The presentation is more than good. It is the best course I have ever taken
  2. The technical manual is easy to read and easy to understand
  3. The instructor shared his experience and we learned from him a lot.
  4. I love the work sheet case studies as they are really good examples.
Mohammad Al-Harthi/Planning Engineer – Petrokemya
  1. The instructor was great in all aspects and the class was very entertaining
  2. The course should be longer so we can learn more (4 day course)
  3. I enjoyed the checklist development demonstration
Abdulsalam Al-idriss/Mechanical Engineer – Al Bayroni
  1. The instructor was well prepared with good knowledge and linking with real life examples.
Abdulrahim Al-Ahmadi
  1. The instructor and the course were excellent
Saeed Alderwesh/Foeman Mech Model D – Hadeed
  1. The class was interesting and very active
  2. The information was useful and related to my work
Mohammed Alwenais/ Engineer ! Mechanical Maintenance – Hadeed
  1. The class was active
  2. All participants enjoyed the class