Saudi Arabia – May 2013

Posted on May 21st, 2013


Overall Course Rating 4.4 /5

Instructor Rating 4.5 /5

Participant Comments

Ali AlZahrani, Material & T/A Planning Supervisor, SABIC – GAS
  1. I would recommend this course 110% out of 100%
  2. Everything mentioned in the course is related to my core job
  3. The instructor has very strong knowledge
  4. Make the course longer so we can learn more from the instructor
Barry Cruickshank, Turnaround Manager, JOMEL
  1. What I like about this seminar is the simplicity and structure
  2. The technical manual “Practical Management for Plant Turnarounds” is excellent
  3. The best section and slides were on the work package
Belal Jebreel Ata, Planning Supervisor, SATORP
  1. The instructor was well prepared with good knowledge and real life examples.
  2. This course could be a 5 day course
Glen Diata, Senior Planner, Advanced Petrochemical Company
  1. The technical manual is excellent
  2. The instructor is very knowledgeable
  3. The Class participants were eager
Abbass Al Hussain, SABIC – HADEED
  1. The course is very valuable, informative and comprehensive