MasterClass: Shutdowns & Turnarounds

"The ultimate success of any turnaround lies in the hands of the person on the wrench, who we must position for success." John McLay, P. Eng.

MasterClass: Shutdowns and Turnarounds

MasterClass: Shutdowns & Turnarounds is an internationally-acclaimed and professionally recognized three day training seminar in which participants are taken through the entire process of planning and implementing a successful, efficient and cost-effective turnaround, shutdown or outage (STO).

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Cenovus MasterClass: Shutdowns & Turnarounds Class

Team training and early planning is now recognized as a critical element to the overall success of any STO process. Success is dependent on the ability of the turnaround team to work within a turnaround procedure prepared in the boardroom and executed in the field by others. The unique PMTP approach bridges the gap between planning process and the implementation, taking its participants through every step of the process and allowing them to capitalize on their manpower and their resources.

The MasterClass qualifies for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, and is recognized by ASET, APEGA, APEGS, SASTT and the Alberta Boiler Safety Association.

Course Objective

The course objective is to provide an overall theoretical perspective of the Turnaround Management System. The theory is then applied in detail with case studies and work sheets specifically for the organization and execution phases. The theory and practical application are then presented in a Turnaround Management System checklist format. Practical exercises are designed to test the participant’s knowledge and shows how to move the detailed planning from the office to field execution.


This course will benefit all persons directly or indirectly related to the turnaround, shutdown or outage, regardless of position within the plant facility, including senior management and contractor.

Training Course Outline

  1. Defining the Turnaround Management System – Process and Procedure
  2. Establishing the Five Phases of a the Plant Turnaround Procedure
  3. Selection and development of the Turnaround Team – areas of responsibility
  4. Work scope generation and the work scope cut-off date
  5. Work scope Support Plans – when, why and how many
  6. Understanding the Critical Operations Plan
  7. The Contractor Management Plan
  8. In-the-Field transition points, worker efficiency and momentum
  9. Contractor momentum
  10. Critical Path Management
  11. The Study of Turnaround Readiness Review Audits (TuRRA) and Feedback loops
  12. What is a Quick Action Work Package (QAWP) for found work
  13.  Developing your  Turnaround Management System checklist
  14. Course Feedback and Evaluation

Reference Material

  1. The technical manual “Practical Management for Plant Turnarounds” is used extensively as a work book – author John A. McLay, P. Eng., R.E.T., PE
  2. The PMTP TASC app free preview is used to introduce the Turnaround Management System checklist – author John A. McLay, P. Eng., R.E.T., PE
  3. Topic worksheets are included for individual logic development and understanding the material
  4. Several case studies are presented and formatted as small and large group exercises
  5. The Critical Path Management calculation is a strategic component for maintaining the schedule

About The Trainer

Mr. John McLay, P. Eng., R.E.T., PE is a renowned leader in Turnaround (STO) Management Systems. He is a Canadian born professional engineer and has participated in over 200 shutdowns in the last 40 years. His training experience spans every continent including a term as a college professor and providing training seminars through interpreters. The course delivery is a practical approach as reflected in his conference presentations and publishing’s. His personal education and practical experience have led him to be involved in every Turnaround Team area of responsibility, as can be reviewed in testimonials. Learn more about John McLay and his credentials.

Mr. John A. McLay, P. Eng., R.E.T. PE, President & Author
JMC Consulting Ltd. / PMTP
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada