Professional Consultation

Why Hire a Consultant?

There are three basic reasons to retain a consultant for Plant Shutdown and Turnaround Management.

  1. You hire them because they know more than you;
  2. You need temporary leadership to allow your Turnaround Team to meld;
  3. Or, you need someone to shoot when it is all over.

Why Retain John McLay, P. Eng.?


With 40+ years of experience and being involved in over 200 Turnarounds, I will be able to provide insight to potential problems, provide history of why the industry has changed Best Practices and Key Process Indicators (KPI), and keep up to your questions. I believe in simplicity, practicality and that the work is planned in the office but must be executed in the field.

My philosophy is to build your team into a Turnaround Team with a Turnaround Manager progression system therefore providing career advancement and Turnaround Team continuity. If necessary I will take over as temporary leader until a natural leader evolves or the selected leader has time to encompass the position. New leaders like me as I work well from the back of the pack and take my compliments on the advancement of young people.

John McLay 2013 McMaster Photo.To have a life in turnarounds you must like to work long hours, many continuous days , under high stress and enjoy it. It really is a special breed of personality. No one in this system is successful and unscathed. Your resilience depends on whether you can accept and heal the wounds or if you let them become terminal.  I carry many scars but none were terminal.

My primary function is to assist your team to learn by allowing them to make small mistakes and then helping them to be corrected, giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment  and a career to look forward to with big promise.

I would like to be retained as your Turnaround Management Consultant.